What’s The Difference Between Magicians?

What's The Difference Between Magicians?

When you think of a magician, what image comes to your mind? Do you think of Criss Angel floating around shirtless? Or do you think of a birthday clown in your living room? Here are the general categories of magician. I’m sure there are some that I’ve left out, but this will give you a […]

What is a Variety Artist or Variety Entertainer?

What is a Variety Artist or Variety Entertainer?

This is a tough question, indeed I haven’t found a satisfactory definition by just ‘Googling’ it. The short answer (in my opinion): A variety artist/entertainer is a live entertainer with an act that is something less common. I don’t think of most musicians or dancers as variety artist. When I think of a variety artist […]

Magic at Fairs and Festivals

Magic at Fairs and Festivals

Magic at the Fair and Festival! A magician or variety entertainer can be a blast at a county fair, street festival, Renaissance festival, holiday fair, celebration, party, outdoor event, etc. I’ve performed at many such events for years. I love it, and the audience seems to as well. Part of the purpose of a fair […]

Highlight of my Career So Far

I was recently approached by a Utah reality show called Random Acts to make a son and two grandchildren magically appear for his mother during my magic show. The show was a brilliant concept, calling itself a ‘kindness prank show‘. They would surprise and ‘prank’ people in nice way, sometimes paying compliments sometimes paying cash. […]


I was contacted recently by a person who would like to remain anonymous. He had come to one of my shows and it had reminded him of a story his father had told him as a kid. After my show he asked his father about the story, and the following is what he wrote down […]

Sun Valley Idaho

My comedy variety magic show was booked this month at a big events in Sun Valley Idaho. While I was there I was fortunate enough to also book a magic show at the Ketchum Arts Festival. I also had a wonderful time with some of the other performers, the Pirates for Hire. These people were […]

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Garfield County Fair & Rodeo is one of my favorite yearly fairs located at Garfield County Colorado. Every year it’s a ton of fun! When I’m not performing my ma gic and variety show on the stage, or strolling around showing magic close-up, I was hanging out with the forest fire fighters. Partying with the […]

Magic in Spain

Magic in Spain Tres De Trebol Escuela de Magia Dani DaOrtiz Museo de Brujaria La tienda mas viejo del mundo! El Rey de Magia