Elias Caress is an international performer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and spends much of his time with family in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he was born.

In 2011 Elias felt he was wasting his life at this lucrative career in a bank, so he quit to follow his passions and make people happy.

Called the 'Ringmaster of Magic', Elias is a showman, magician, and variety entertainer.  You may find Elias juggling, spinning a lasso, reading minds, or performing card tricks.  Elias is an expert in sleight of hand, misdirection, illusion, and comedy.  Elias performs on stage in a style known as Stand-up magic (in the style of Penn & Teller or Mac King) also close up (in the style of David Blaine).

Elias received training in the arts of legerdemain and prestidigitation (magic) from theJeff McBride at the Mystery School in Las Vegas, and from the Tres de Treboles School in Barcelona.

While Elias Caress is a professional Showman extraordinaire, he's also an amateur-mediocre adventurer.  He enjoys skydiving, hiking, travel, martial arts reading,.and karaoke

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