By House of Chuckles

Includes: Trick deck of cards and link to video and printable instructions.

Very Easy To Do! Basic Routine: A folded piece of paper and a deck of cards are placed on the table. The magician explains that on the piece of paper is written a prediction of a card they believe will be selected from the deck of cards, by a spectator. The magician opens up the deck of cards and fans them out face down. A spectator is asked to select a card out of the deck, but does not show the magician. The magician then places the rest of cards back in the box. The magician then has the spectator reveal the card they have selected, let’s say it is the "3 of Hearts" the magician then has the spectator pick up the piece of paper and open it to reveal what is written on it. It says "3 of Hearts". A perfect match!

The One Way Deck is a specially constructed deck of cards that can be used by magicians to perform various card tricks.

The deck and the tricks performed with it are self-working and require almost no skill.

One Way Deck is a utility Deck

Deck includes 52 cards of which all the cards are of the same suit and value.

This deck will allow you as a magician to easily force a card rather than manipulate one.

Many effects are possible with this deck and is only limited to your imagination!

Please Note: Pictures above are examples only. Decks come in assorted suits and values. You may request a specific card, I will do my best to fill your request.

Description: This trick deck is produced professionally by House of Chuckles, using Bicycle brand playing cards by the US Playing Card Company. Deck has been opened and the seal has been cut in order to prepare and make this into a trick deck. I check each and every deck to give you the best possible professional quality deck.

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