Includes: Cards and online printed and video instructions

The magician has a spectator help with this card effect. The magician has two small stacks of cards one with a red back and one with a blue back. The magician picks up one of the packs and shows everyone that they are all different. Then he has the spectator turn around so they cannot see which card the magician picks for his prediction card. The magician selects a card shows everyone, we will say the (9 of Diamonds). The magician then places it face down on a table. The magician then picks up the other pack and shows it to everyone, except the spectator who is still turned around. The pack is all (9 of Diamonds). The magician then turns the cards face down and has spectator turn around. The magician explains that the card on the table is the magician’s prediction card. The magician fans the stack they are holding and asks the spectator to touch one of the cards. That card is given to the spectator and asked not to let anyone see it. The magician then begins to predict the card the spectator has chosen by saying it is a red card. The spectator says no it is black. After a few tries from the magician asking are you sure, the magician moves on to the number of the card. The magician says it is an (9) the spectator says no. Again after a few tries from the magician asking are you sure. The magician finally asks the spectator to show their card. They turn it around and it is, we will say (5 of Clubs). The magician plays this up with how could that happen and picks up the pack the spectator chose their card from and shows it is all the same card (9 of Diamonds). Then the magician picks up the prediction card that was on the table and turns it over to show that it is a match to the card the spectator chose (5 of Clubs).

Description: This trick deck is produced professionally by House of Chuckles, using Jumbo Bicycle brand playing cards by the US Playing Card Company. The box of cards is 4.5" x 7" x .75". Deck has been opened in order to prepare and make this into a trick deck. I take great care in preparing each deck. I check each and every deck to give you the best possible professional quality deck.

McCombical Deck, Jumbo Big Box Bicycle