Basic Effect: The magician riffles through the deck face up showing the spectators that the cards are all different. The magician then riffles the deck face down and has a spectator say when to stop. The magician then has the spectator take the top card from where they said stop (free choice). They look at it and show other spectators but not showing the magician. The spectator then places the card back into the deck anywhere they want. The magician riffles the deck again explaining that there card is take the elevator to the top. The magician ask the spectator what there card was and then turns over the top card revealing that there card did indeed rise to the top. This can be repeated 2-3 times with different cards each time.

Easy to do.

Description: Deck Contains 52 cards. Also comes with link to online text and video instructions.

Description: This trick deck is produced professionally by House of Chuckles, using Bicycle brand playing cards by the US Playing Card Company. Deck has been opened and the seal has been cut in order to prepare and make this into a trick deck. I check each and every deck to give you the best possible professional quality deck.

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