Basic Effect: Magician shows a deck of cards that appear to be normal. Magician has one, two or three specters select a cards out of the deck, have them remember their cards and return them back into the deck anywhere they want, shuffle the deck a few times, and at any given time the magician can "Strip" them out of the deck to revel the cards they chose.

Other cool tricks you can do is "Strip" out the Aces, "Strip" out a royal flush even separate all the red and black cards into two separate piles in one move.

Easy To Do

This is my personal favorite. The stripper deck is a full deck of cards that can even be handled by a specter. Play a card game, then do some amazing Magic.


Description: Deck Contains 52 cards plus the Jokers. Also comes with link to online text and video instructions.

Description: This trick deck is produced professionally by House of Chuckles, using Bicycle brand playing cards by the US Playing Card Company. Deck has been opened and the seal has been cut in order to prepare and make this into a trick deck. I check each and every deck to give you the best possible professional quality deck.


Demo Video

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