Professional Tossed Out Deck.

Includes: Trick deck of cards and online printed and video instructions.

Effect: A deck of cards is shown to be normal on both sides. A rubber band is then placed around the deck, to hold them together. The magician then explains that he is going to toss the deck out to a spectator (have them stand) and have them peek at a card and remember it. The deck will then be tossed to 4 other spectators. Now there are a total of 5 spectators standing that have all peeked at a card in the deck and remembered it. The magician then explains that he is going to call out 5 cards, if he names the spectators card they are to sit down. The magician then calls out 5 cards and each spectator sits down.

Deck includes: 5 sets of 10 special force cards, 2 regular cards & 2 Jokers. 54 cards in total.

Force cards are assorted suits and value only. Sorry no picking or choosing with this listing.

Description: This trick deck is produced professionally by House of Chuckles, using Bicycle brand playing cards by the US Playing Card Company. Deck has been opened and the seal has been cut in order to prepare and make this into a trick deck. I check each and every deck to give you the best possible professional quality deck.

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