Please note: Pictures are examples only. Force cards are random.

Includes: 9 cards, envelope and comes with secrete link to online (printable) text and video instructions.

Basic Effect: 8 identical cards all change to match the wild card.

The magician shows a small pack of 9 cards. With the pack face up showing the face of the cards (example 6 of clubs). Then from the bottom of the pack he places one card face down then one face up. The magician continues this until he has 4 piles of cards (example 6 of clubs) in front of them. With one card remaining that is a different card, "the wild card" (example 5 of diamonds). The magician then places the "Wild Card" (example 5 of diamonds) under the first pack squares it up and with a little magic the 2 (example 6 of clubs) cards that were on the table have changed to match the "Wild Card" (example 5 of diamonds). This is repeated with the other 3 piles until all 9 cards have changed to match the "Wild Card" (example 5 of diamonds).

Please Note: The "6 of clubs" and "5 of diamonds" where only used as description and examples. Trick comes with Assorted suits and values only.

Description: Packet includes 2 cards. (Assorted suits and values only.) The cards pictured are only used as description and example. Also comes with link to online text and video instructions.



Pack of cards come in an packet envelope.

Description: This trick is produced professionally by House of Chuckles, using Bicycle brand playing cards by the US Playing Card Company. I check each and every trick to give you the best possible professional quality trick.

Wild Card Trick, Bicycle Standard Index


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