Scales and Tails

Elias Caress: Scales and Tails

I first saw Scales and Tails on the main stage at a convention in Salt Lake City Utah. I believe it was Jeremy Westerman who was on stage, lining 8 kids on stage to all hold a 10′ python (Maybe it was 20 feet, I’m a little fuzzy on the details). Creature experts are very popular at parties. 

Numerous times I’ve been jealous as I was strolling around performing magic at a big party, and seeing the big crowd gathering around the spiders and snakes.  Of course kids love them, but adults turn back into children when they see exotic animals that they can touch and handle themselves. 

I felt green with envy thinking that I’ve worked countless hours perfecting my card tricks but the pythons and anacondas gather a crowd seemingly effortlessly.  

In the following years I’ve seen Scales and Tales on stage at many special events, from conventions to county fairs.  I can tell that the educators/entertainers were more than just creature experts.  They never delivered the information in a dry or boring lecture style.  There were always comedy, jokes, and lots of audience participation in addition to the interesting and exotic creatures. I can’t wait to see them again at the next big party.  But you can see them at their website here.