Card Tricks are a Breeze with Trick Cards

The shop is open! is now a seller of fine tricks, illusions, and other mysterious novelties.

The first featured artisan... Tracy Kidd with the House of Chuckles!

From his home-factory in Salt Lake City, Tracy manufactures high quality trick and custom playing cards for some of the biggest magicians and magic dealers worldwide. Tracy has been involved in magic, clowning, and general amusements ever since he got out of high school back in the year 1912 (the date is unverified by fact-checkers). When asked for a tour of his home-factory, Tracy angrily and emphatically refused, and mumbled something about spies and enemies while adjusting his custom-made aluminum foil headwear. When I asked Tracy, "Why is your company called 'House of Chuckles'", he shouted "You mind your own business! I don't know anything about any buried treasure! Why you keep askin me that?" Me: "What?" Tracy: "What?" Ok, so I made up all the parts about Tracy acting crazy. But his card tricks are top quality, sure to liven up any gathering. Now you can amuse friends and strangers alike for fun and profit with House of Chuckles trick cards! Other magicians refer to me as a 'purist'. That means that I perform using only sleight of hand, misdirection, and the classic principles of conjuring. Rarely do I use gimmicks, gadgets, or tricks. But tricks are fun! There's no need to spend all your time studying magic because you only need one good trick to liven up the party, or leave a good impression on a new friend. Card tricks are easy with trick cards, so give them a try at your next special event.

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