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Flexible Work From Home Opportunities for Creatives

Is it your dream to work from the comfort of our couch? Perhaps you want to be lounging in your pajamas while earning money. And we get it; that sounds like a dream. But if you’re creative, you likely value your freedom and comfort above all else. The good news is that you don’t need to give up your work-from-home dreams if you’re looking for opportunities in the arts and entertainment industry. Here, we share how to get into this industry and monetize your art from home.

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Source Freelance Opportunities

The pandemic has impacted the arts and entertainment industry significantly. Many previously employed in this industry might find themselves out of work or unsatisfied with their current employment situation. If so, the solution is to look for freelancing opportunities. This is a great way to go, as you’ll be able to increase your income and take on new kinds of projects. It also boosts your career prospects, as you will have lots of gigs you can put on your creative resume. And according to Lateral Action, creatives typically love to follow many passions simultaneously. Freelancing allows you to explore different passions, industries, and niches, which will stimulate you mentally and increase work satisfaction.

Design Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to get yourself noticed by potential clients when seeking freelance work in a creative field. Having a business card to put your name, contact information, and maybe even a link to your portfolio in the hands of other professionals gives you an edge when it comes to networking for new opportunities you may not have known about otherwise. Not only do business cards make it easier for those interested in hiring you or referring you to others to access your contact information, they also provide an easy way to help establish credibility and trustworthiness while creating a memorable impression.

The easiest way to design a business card is to use an adaptable online template that you can modify by adding your own text, fonts, images, and photos. This may help you create an eye-catching business card.

Find Work Opportunities Every Creative Will Love

Ready to start making money? Well, you need a niche or income stream to follow first. Here are some excellent creative work-from-home opportunities if you’re stumped for inspiration.

  • Animator: If you have prior experience in drawing, painting, or illustration, this is the one for you. Working as a freelance animator is an excellent option because it will allow you to explore different industries like television, video games, and digital zines.

  • Videographer: If you’ve always had a passion for taking videos, why not turn it into a viable income stream? You may want to try a video editing service to perfect your craft and then use online job boards to connect with prospective employers.

  • Blogger: Have a love for writing? Why not get into the highly lucrative blogging industry? This option is ideal as you can write about food, art, or anything else you love — and generate money. However, it does take a while to monetize your blog, so be patient and stick at it to see results!

  • Fashion design: There’s a lot going on behind the scenes in the fashion industry. Brands need designers for drafting, creating concepts, and helping out with the backend, so there is plenty of demand for freelancers in this industry.

  • Marketing services: If you love working in the entertainment industry, this one's for you. Working in marketing keeps up the collaborative nature of the entertainment industry while offering a flexible schedule and engaging work.

  • Real estate: Getting your real estate license can be a great way to make extra money as your schedule allows. If your creative work tends to be seasonal, you can focus on real estate sales during your off-peak periods.

Find Your Next Opportunity

Finding a flex job opportunity that works for you is much like finding any other job. The process involves a lot of trial and error and is ultimately a numbers game — the more opportunities you apply to, the more likely you are to land one you love. Look at online job boards to familiarize yourself with the options available in your niche, or reach out to employers directly. Also, let your family and friends know about your creative services, as you never know who may have contacts or work opportunities for you.

According to a recent study by GWA, two-thirds of the workforce wants to work from home. And the job market has undoubtedly accommodated to meet this demand, as the number of flex opportunities is only growing. Be sure to utilize the power of the internet to find your next creative option, and invest in business cards to leave a memorable impression. The work-from-home life awaits you!


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