So You’re Ready to Book Your Entertainment

So You're Ready to Book Your Entertainment

For businesses and corporations, a big event projects the image of success, and make your company look good for customers, investors, and employees. Providing live entertainment is a great idea for most special events; it provides a memorable and novel experience, attracts guests, and keeps your party-goers entertained for the duration of the event. 

So you’ve got the perfect party planned for your business in your mind, but aren’t sure where to go from there…No worries, here are some ways to hire entertainment and make your event a success!

Hire Entertainment Through An Event Planner

This is the most simple way of doing it.  If you have a good event planner then it’s his/her job to get you what you want.  Many planners already have a relationship with entertainers and can get you the most appropriate specific people.  

An Online Database

There are several databases that specialize in entertainers.  In most, you can put in your info and let the entertainers bid on your event.  Then you can pick your favorite based on the information in the entertainers profile.  One of the biggest is called The Bash.

Mingling entertainment

The First Option is the Easiest) Give Me a Call!  

(This step is written assuming you’re booking specifically Elias Caress, but it’s pretty similar for most variety entertainers such as jugglers, comedians, DJs, circus acts, dancers, hypnotists, and even many bands)   

You can also email if you prefer. In order to give you a quote, I need certain details about your gathering:

–The date and time of your event

–The location.  I may be available the date of your party, festival, etc. but I’ll have to work out travel logistics to see if I can make on time.  Also there may be travel expenses involved, or other considerations.

–I’ll need to know what your event is so I can prepare the most appropriate material. Is it mostly adults, mostly children, a mix of both? Is there a theme? Is there a special occasion you’re celebrating? I always customize my performance for each and every client, even if it’s just a little. I perform at company holiday parties, conventions, festivals, fairs, private parties, schools, collages, universities, and many more. I don’t do the same show for weddings as I do for trade shows because I want to make the experience special for you!–What kind of audience to expect (age, demographic, etc.)?
–Will this be a stage show with a seated audience, or close up mingling with your guests?

–What is the time frame?  At a fair or festival, I might perform multiple shows in a day up to an hour each show.  At a convention, I’ll be at the booth for up to 10 hours!  Most events don’t need nearly that kind of time, but it goes to show you how different clients have different needs.  –Smaller details.  Once I know a little about your needs, I’ll know what to ask and what to suggest.  Things like, do you have a sound system?  Are there other acts?  Do you require more personalized entertainment?

These details may seem like a lot, but a working professional can make this process pretty quick and easy.  You will probably pay more for a more experienced entertainer, but the extra money you spend will go a long way making the booking process as painless as possible.

If your event is important, don’t make the mistake of hiring the cheapest you can find.  It’s true that you can usually find a teenager who learned his tricks from Youtube and will work for $35 and a sandwich, but you’ll get what you pay for.  Amateur performers can be pretty good, but keep in mind that someone who isn’t a professional may act unprofessional.  I perform at many events, and sometimes hear the nightmare scenarios, like the time the balloon artist didn’t show up because he forgot he had a gig that night!  Or the part-time magician who had to be asked to leave because he was mean to the kids!  If you’re fine with that possibility, then you should go with the lowest price. Things might be fine, but why take the risk?

Hire a professional entertainer to get the quality entertainment that will make your party memorable for all the right reasons.