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Charles Dickens, Magician

Charles Dickens Magician

I've been asked by a great client of mine to perform Charles Dickens magic show as accurately as possible.

My research hasn't been able to uncover Dickens secrets (if he ever did write them down), but I was able to find a newspaper article written by a reporter who attended one of Dickens magic shows. The tricks that Dickens performed were all listed in the article, all that was left for me was to recreate the effects using my own methods.

My research also uncovered that magic was a popular hobby for Victorian gentlemen, especially for writers. Not only that, but many classic novels such as Alice in Wonderland were inspired by magic tricks. For example, Dickens Haunted Man was published shortly after Dickens first saw the famous Pepper's Ghost and has similarities.

Now I have to make the decision, how much history do I want to include in the magic show? Certainly the history is interesting, but this act is not intended to be a history lecture.

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