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Magic Mustache (and Beard)

Years ago, while sporting a naked face, I walked into an event venue where I had been hired to perform magic. Because of some mistake, my name wasn't on the list and the security guard wouldn't let me in. It just so happened that the guard was sitting in front of a wall where there was a big poster, on the poster was my smiling face. I pointed it out to the guard, that my face was on the event poster right behind him, but he wouldn't even turn around to look. He said "if your name isn't on the list, you're not coming in". I eventually got in by calling my client, it wasn't a big deal and I got to keep an amusing story.

Fast forward a year or two, I was dating a hair dresser who styled my beard into an eccentric work of art. Sporting my elaborate facial hair, I have never had any trouble getting into a gig. On a few occasions I got into a few other peoples shows for free, just because I looked like I belong on stage.

Here's a few words of wisdom about looking magicial.

This beard style came about because I wanted to look different and at the same time cover my dimples in my cheeks. Most people like them, but it's awkward when old ladies pinch my face.