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Voodoo Productions

Voodoo Productions is the leading provider of unique and unusual live entertainment for private events in Utah and the surrounding region.

I first met Jennifer Tarasevich years ago when she invited me to a variety show she was putting together. The show was like nothing I'd ever seen or expected in the Beehive State. There were singers, dancers, acrobats, contortionists, comedy acts, and more! It was spicy and creative.

I was very excited by Jen's invitation because had been hearing about her for years, about the crazy amazing shows and displays she puts together in the classiest events in town. after a party or convention I heard about Voodoo Productions from a fortune teller or a guitar player, or maybe a beautiful woman on stilts, or the fire eater. I was intrigued and very curious.

Since then I've got to many Voodoo Productions events in several states. I've met billionaires, celebrities, politicians, and numerous fascinating people and I've amazed the all with my humble contribution to the magnificent talents of my fellow performers.

I always recommend Voodoo to anyone looking for something new, different, and unforgettable for their event. Usually for corporate events (parties, summit meetings, conventions, and more), but we also entertain at many other events! With Voodoo I've performed at family reunions, weddings, theater shows, festivals, colleges, private renaissance fairs, and many that I can't even remember there's been so many.

You can find more information about my friends on their website and social media pages here....


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