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Social Distancing Parties Birthday Parades, and Virtual Events

Hopefully we won't need to do these for much longer, but for now....

I've done several social distancing parties since the pandemic began. Of course it's not like the good old days, but a party can go a long way in restoring your sanity. Interacting with friends restores your mental health, which is especially important when you've been going through changes (like working from home).

Special events (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.) need to be commemorated. It's hard to make a special event special through a screen, no matter how good Zoom is.

Many people have come up with very creative ways to mark an occasion or just have fun. Here's a few that I have personal experience with...

Social Distancing Party

It's exactly what it sounds like. A gathering in which all guests maintain at least 6 feet (2 meters) distance at all times. Logistics can be difficult, arranging the area to make it conducive to maintaining distances and disinfecting surfaces and items.

It's easier to do outside, on private property. You can do it in a park or public area, but then you run the risk of strangers gatecrashing your party. If you have young kids at the party, it can also be difficult to keep them away from each other. Children tend to get excited and forget, if they even understand the concept to begin with.

Arranging the tables and chairs is crucial. Food and drinks can be problematic, so consider making it BYOF. Music is nice, but keep the volume low to make conversation as conducive as possible. If you want to go the extra mile as a good host, you can provide hand sanitizer!

Don't forget the entertainment! You'll have to provide a clear space in an area where the guests can comfortably watch while maintaining distance from each other. You don't necessarily need a stage, but if you're in doubt you can ask your magician (I'm assuming you hired a magician because MAGIC IS AWESOME!!).

Here's an example of a Social Distance Party.

Porch Parade

A porch parade is where you sit on your front porch and watch a parade. Just like it sounds. You don't need to be on a porch, as long as viewers can watch while staying safe. I was in Moab, Utah and watched the local custom car club parade up and down Main Street while the local residents watched from the tailgates of their cars and trucks.

Here's an example of the a parade in Utah.

You don't need to have the Fire Department for a parade (although it never hurts to ask. The firefighters probably wouldn't mind having a good time). Ideally you would have to budget to pay an event organizer to put one on for you. But if you don't have that kind of budget, then reach out to your friends, neighbors, or co-workers. Many people who are sheltering in place would love an excuse to be creative, maybe decorate their cars and bikes or break out their Halloween costumes and get out of the house!

Virtual Events

Virtual events are a pretty big deal right now, understandably. I've already written about it, you can find that here.

My friend Mike Wolf puts on pretty fun Virtual Dance Party. You can find him here.

You can join him for free anywhere in the world, and people love it! I have seen that, it's a great break from Netflix. Especially if you are Jonesing for your dance club fix.

Also my friend Paul Draper puts on a virtual mentalism show. I haven't seen it myself, but I've heard nothing but great things about it. You can find him here.

We’re all eager to go back to normal, but at this time we may have to accept this new normal for the near future. I heard on a few of my favorite science podcasts that things will never be the same until there's a vaccine readily available, which could be 2 years from now!

So until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and let’s find new ways to celebrate life. We’ll get through this together, with the help of magic. ☺


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