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Top Tips for Creators on How to Gain a Following

By Anya Willis

When you’re first starting out, developing your style and attracting the right clients is often an intimidating challenge. However, when entertainment is in your genes, you’ll do anything to jump these hurdles to put yourself on center stage.

Today, Elias Caress shares a quick tip sheet to help other entertainers and creatives get their unique skills noticed.

Start with a plan

Never lose sight of the fact that your entertainment skills are a business. As such, you must draft a business plan so that you know what you’re doing, how you are going to do it, and how you’ll navigate the bumpy road to success. A business plan should outline everything from your business structure to a full and detailed description of the services you offer.

Develop your style

There is no right or wrong way to develop your style. From the clothes you wear to the way you carry yourself on stage or in a crowd, your style is your own, and it will help differentiate you from others. When you find your signature style, stick with it as much as possible, which strengthens your brand.

Hone your marketing skills