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Virtual Variety Show: Magic in Quarantine

Because the whole world is Currently practicing Self Quarantining and Social distancing, the life of a professional Magician has changed quite a bit.

I lost thousands of dollars in just a few days in Mid-March when more people started isolating. Even if I'm broke, I'm still grateful to have my health!

So many performers have turned to video as a creative outlet.

It's a common phenomenon during the Corona times. Many people are turning to the internet more to continue their work and lives while separating themselves in order to flatten the curve (if you're reading this years from now, 'flatten the curve" means to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus).

It's fun, and it's good for your mental health, but monetizing your performance on video is very difficult. First of all, when you're creating a video to entertain people, you're competing for their attention. You're competing against Netflix, HBO, CBS, Network TV, etc. as well as against your fellow online entertainers.

If you need to make some money with your video.... you're in for a big challenge. If you'd like to have some fun while getting attention, here's some tips.

I've had success with Zoom and Facebook Live. I even made some scratch, moolah, dough, dinero, in tips from wonderful people who liked the show and wanted to support the arts.

If you want to make tips, you'll have to post your method of collecting those tips. I like Venmo and Paypal, my friends also liked Patrion.

There are other ways of monetizing your performances, you can start your research with this article...

I personally am having trouble with online performing. Part of my philosophy is to get my audiences away from the screens and have a positive and memorable real life experience. I may change with the times, but my knee-jerk reaction is not positive to telecommuting to work when you're a live entertainer


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