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Trippy Tuesday (Restaurant Magic In Utah)

Trippy Tuesday at the Mellow Mushroom

Restaurant magic is rare in Utah. I quite often meet someone who tells me that they've seen magicians walking around and entertaining in restaurants in bigger cities, but I'm the only one that I know of currently hopping the tables here in Utah!

I love the Mellow Mushroom! It's a Colorado themed pizza restaurant in Utah (strange concept, but it works).

Every Tuesday night I walk around and perform close-up magic for individual tables. My favorite thing is card tricks, but I always have a new trick up my sleeve every week. It is very difficult to have a new trick every week, but I do have regulars who come to see me every week and I don't want them to have to watch the same trick every time I see them.

Sometimes the trick of the week is a coin trick, sometimes a mind-reading trick. Sometimes it's a unique mystery that isn't so easy to describe. It might involve flash paper or fire, or even a strange object that you've never seen before!

Sometimes I experiment with new ideas and new things that have never been seen before. Usually the experiments work out to everyone's enjoyment, but I make no promises! The very nature of an experiment means that I cannot guarantee the outcome.

Because restaurant magic is rare in Utah, some people are mistrustful and assume that I'm selling something. I'm actually paid my Mellow Mushroom, so there is no cost to the customer. Every now and then I'll meet someone who just doesn't like magic tricks or something. That's fine when that happens, I don't want to force my entertainment on anyone, I just wish them a good night and move on.

I love the idea of a mysterious stranger showing up unexpectedly and offering an entertaining mystery. It's the sort of thing that you never forget, it makes life more interesting. It shakes you up out of your day to day routine and gives you something to think about.

For more information about restaurant magic, check out this very informative article.

Come and visit me if you're in the neighborhood.

Tuesdays 7-10pm

Mellow Mushroom

Address: 1080 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Phone:(801) 844-1444

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