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Magic at Fairs and Festivals

Magic at the Fair and Festival!

A magician or variety entertainer can be a blast at a county fair, street festival, Renaissance festival, holiday fair, celebration, party, outdoor event, etc.

I've performed at many such events for years. I love it, and the audience seems to as well.

Part of the purpose of a fair (especially county and state fairs or rural events) is to bring novel sights and experiences to the surrounding communities. Almost every day I meet someone who has never seen a magician live, and that is especially true for rural areas. I've spent my life studying entertaining mysteries and illusions, and it's my joy to display my expertise in order to expand the minds and the curiosity of audiences everywhere.

When I perform at a fair or festival, I can do up to 3 shows on stage for the same audience! That is an incredibly difficult task for any variety entertainer (magician, juggler, comedian, dancer, etc.). A further challenge is an audience of all ages, which is what you would expect at a festival. Most kids don't understand the jokes that make adults laugh, and most adults don't what to watch a puppet show. Rare is a live show that can make children, teens, and adults happy. All ages is what my fair act is intended for!

I can also perform strolling entertainment. That means I'm off the stage for hours at a time, performing for crowds close up. For most people, that is much more impressive because the magic and experiences can take place in their very hands!

Of course you want an experiences magician for a fair or festival. The stages usually have no backstage, special lighting, or trapdoors. They are sometimes surrounded. These things are unthinkable for many magicians. If they've never worked an outdoor special event before, they might find themselves blurting out "I can't work like this"!

I've heard stories of magicians dressed in full tuxedos pass out when the temperature hits 100. Not very prestigious if you ask me.

An additional challenge, many festivals have a theme that all shows must adhere to. Renaissance festivals for example, if a magician comes on stage wearing a tie and says "who likes card tricks?", it can ruin the suspension of disbelief that the creators have worked so hard to achieve. It's a rare skill for an entertainer to have to be able to customize every show for the specific event. I'm proud to say that I possess that skill. I've yet to be stumped by a customer yet, and many have tried!

I usually have to travel for most events, so the cost can be significant for having a magic show at the festival. To answer that concern, I am able to offer a discount for booking for multiple days.

If you are a presenter or performer and you have questions about live variety entertainment at your fair, festival, or event, you are welcome to contact me at my website

Because outdoor events are such a challenge for performers, I do highly recommend you contact me before performing one for the first time.


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