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Magic and Variety at Conventions and Trade Shows.

Magic and Variety at Conventions and Trade Shows.

There are performers who specialize in performing at conventions and trade shows, and while I am not one of them I certainly do a decent amount!

Sometimes I'll perform at a company booth, driving traffic and assisting salespeople in connecting with the conventioneers.

Sometimes I'll entertain at the after-party. The last convention after party I performed at, the organizer approached me when the party was over and said "Please save this date for the next 4 years in your calendar, I'd like to book you every year!"

Sometimes I'll perform on stage to entertain the attendees.

It's always a ton of fun!

taking a break from working at the Intel booth.  They requested I dress Urban

Sometimes I'm asked to customize my look or my show to suit the clients needs, this is especially common when performing in the booth. I'm usually asked to dress according to the theme, or even wear a shirt with a company logo.

Quite frequently I'm asked to perform using the companies marketing materials, such as juggling with stress balls with company information that I give out.

The purpose of having me there also varies quite a bit. I can be there to attract traffic and increase sales leads. I can assist with customer education. Sometimes my show is part of an incentive for employees or guests, which is very powerful when timed to break up an especially long or extreme convention. The last convention I performed at was 7 days straight of classroom lectures, and the guests were ready to go CRAZY! The break helped the students wake up and get back on track, making the event more productive.