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Six Week Theater Run The Big Magic Show

Six Week Theater Run The Big Magic Show

In some places, six weeks is considered a long theater run.

But I was still sad when it was over... Until the next one!

The stage was foggy and the searchlights flew around, after the drum-roll the pretty and feminine voice of my lovely assistant Celeste comes from overhead...

"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, the must-have mustache magician... Elias Caress!"

Then begins the exotic music of Korla Pandit and I take the stage dressed in the sparkliest red tuxedo possible.

"Abracadabra!" I shout as I produce my first dove, then it vanishes just as quickly.

I then silently manipulate balls, silk handkerchiefs, flash paper, wands, and other cliche yet wonderful items.

The show proceeds with illusions, juggling, stunts, escapology, jokes, physical comedy, whips, and even hundreds of dollars in prizes donated by local businesses are given out during the game show bit.

I don't often get to perform in a nice theater with sophisticated lights and sound. I usually perform at corporate and company functions, business meetings, conventions, holiday parties, fairs, festivals, etc. I was excited to work with the technicians!