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Halloween/Spooky magic

When I was a kid, I had a huge crush on Elvira!

I always laughed at the Cryptkeeper's jokes, no matter how bad they were.

Now that I'm a man, and I make a living as an entertainer, I can be a Horror Host too!

I started hosting "seances" in my house.

These are not real seances. The lack of authenticity gave me the ability to guarantee spirit activity! I can do that.... because the spirits weren't real. They were basically a spooky magic show for only 12 people. I still do them on occation... special occation.

Now I'm a little closer to being the horror host that my heroes would be proud of.

Every July I MC the main stage at Halloween in the Summer

This year (2017) was my 4th year as main stage MC, and it keeps getting more fun every year!

The Halloween in the Summer was the brainchild of the King and Queen of Halloween Renee and Storm Anderson.

Storm is a gifted artist, president of the Magna Chamber of Commerce, and owner of Art on You Studios with his wife Renee.

Halloween in the Summer is the largest street festival in Magna Utah, features vendors, two stages, a mobile haunted house, trick-or-treating for the kids, and a killer costume contest!

I'm usually fortunate enough to host the stage and perform at a few major Halloween events in October, such as FearCon and the Halloween Expo.

This year (2017) will also be the 5th year I perform a spooky, scary, family show at the Draper Haunted Hollow.

The Haunted Hollow is another public event, for the people of Draper. My favorite portion is the Pumpkin Drop! They drop pumpkins from a 30 foot cherry picker.

I also get to perform at a lot of private parties. Some people go all out making their party great! Decorations, food, entertainment, some people spend lots of money and work very hard because they love to have a good time. Halloween is a great excuse to have a good time.

I've performed at enough Halloween house parties to know what people are looking for from their entertainment. They want to laugh and have a good time, see something different and novel. That's why I go to a lot of effort to make my repertoire different, I choose things bits that are fun and unusual.

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