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Creativity: Timeless Magician's Secrets to be More Creative Part 1

Classic rules of magic that anyone can use to boost their creativity.

My favorite butterfly from the Butterfly Project in Colorado Springs, CO

I began writing this article on creativity, intending to write just a few short paragraphs. I should have known that the subject of creativity is far to complex to have much value in such a short article. This is part one, the rest is soon to follow.

Part One:

Find a place to be bad!

I first heard this advice from my magic teacher Jeff McBride, and I later found out that it's very old advice shared amongst comedians, speakers, and others.

It's also a bit controversial advice. I've heard some people say that this phrase hurts our art, and we would all benefit if it were forgotten.

I personally feel that it is the best advice that you can give to anyone in any creative endeavor.

I've long since lost count of the ideas that I've had, when I believed they were wonderful ideas but in fact they were met with indifference (or worse!) in front of every audience I presented my ideas to!

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