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Inspiring Stories of Magic

Magic is usually just for entertainment. Amusement. Good times.

Sure, it will make you think much more then the average movie or live band. But still... it's just for fun... most of the time.

Sometimes, when in the midst of minor amusements, something serious happens. Something inspiring, something that you'll never forget.

I'd like to share a few of my experiences, and invite the readers to share their own.

The majority of my work is for adult audiences. Corporate special events, nightclubs, etc.

But sometimes I do perform for children. I have a family (all-ages) show that is a ton of fun at fairs and festivals.

Here are a few real quotes I heard from parents after my shows.

-"You don't know how much that meant to us. That was the first time that my kids have laughed since our house burned down. Their brother has been in the hospital for weeks, and it's been very hard on the them."

-"I haven't seen them laugh since the divorce. Thank you."

I also volunteer regularly for charity organizations. While at one of these volunteer events, I experienced the highlight of my career. I once made a little girl laugh... a few hours after her doctor told her that she had 6 months left to live.

At another charity event, I was performing the juggling portion of my show. In my family show, I juggle balls and then I ask a kid from the audience to hold sticks while I spin plates on them. It's fun and empowering for the child because he\she takes all the credit for a spectacular stunt.

Normally during my juggling routine I ask for a volunteer, and every kids hand shoots up in the air!