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My Favorite Magic Shop

I remember when I was a kid going to the local magic shop.

I remember Mark the owner grabbing a bottle of mustard and squeezing at me. I bright yellow string shot out at me, and my gasp quickly turned to a big belly laugh!

Zeeso's Magic and Costume Shop

While brick and mortar magic stores are going away, killed by the internet, Zeezo's is growing! They've expanded I'm guessing 10 times the size from when I was a kid! And always plenty of employees there to help you find what you want.

Zeezo’s is a year-round magic, novelty, and costume store. We are set inside a historic three-story building in Downtown Colorado Springs, CO. Zeezo’s has been a community mainstay since 1974. Upon walking into the store, you are first met with a large magic counter staffed with a professional magician ready and willing to teach you your child’s first magic trick, the most show stopping awe-inspiring trick for your big stage show, and everything in-between. is Zeezo’s online home and your link from anywhere in the US to the Zeezo’s Magic Counter. Here you get direct access to magicians that really know their stuff. Get tricks to wow them, gimmicks and supplies for the tricks you love, and check out online downloads to get the secrets behind the newest twists on all your old favorites.

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