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Miss Claire Voyant, Spooky Sexy Mind Reader

I love variety.

That's why I became a variety entertainer!

I love new and novel experiences. Things you've never seen before, and maybe never will again!

That's why I love my friend Claire.

Freaky Goth Mentalist

Miss Claire Voyant is a mentalist magician specializing in stage shows and adult audiences. Often toted as the "mistress of mentalism," she combines dark humor and sex appeal with her unique brand of magic. Claire has over ten years of experience performing in front of live venue audiences and travels frequently, appearing in solo shows, burlesque and variety showcases, and festivals. Her repertoire includes mind reading stunts, razor blade eating, straitjacket escapes, and even a knife-smashing Russian roulette. When not touring, she manages Zeezo's, one of the largest costume and magic stores in the country, bringing the love of magic to students of all ages.

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