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Glenwood Springs

Garfield County Fair & Rodeo is one of my favorite yearly fairs located at Garfield County Colorado.

Every year it's a ton of fun!

When I'm not performing my ma gic and variety show on the stage, or strolling around showing magic close-up,

I was hanging out with the forest fire fighters. Partying with the clowns or seeing the sights, such as beautiful Hanging Lake and Rifle falls.

(I won't talk about all the ninjas I had to fight, or the lost golden idol that I found in the cave).

I tried some new material for the wonderful audiences, and they seemed to love them.

I did some new juggling stunts, some feats of mind reading, astonishing demonstrations of sleight of hand, and even some magical games like the Superhero Smackdown!

Before the big magic show in Rifle Colorady

Hanging Lake Colorado

Butlerville Days

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