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Breaking News: Card tricks are popular at every special event

Thanks to David Blaine... and Youtube... card tricks are very popular!

Gone are the days when the misfit of the party would bore your guests with endless card tricks.

Never again will the kids whine whenever their weird uncle gets out his deck of cards.

Joke: "A man in a club asked me if I liked card tricks. I told him no... then he showed me three!"

I told that joke a few years ago, nobody laughed. They didn't get it... because CARD TRICKS ARE COOL!

'Card tricks' are the number one request I get when I meet a new person.

Please do not confuse card tricks with trick cards. I never use trick cards.

It's true that anyone can walk into a joke shop and buy a trick deck of cards that will allow you to perform miracles in minutes with zero skill and very little practice.

I do actually recommend those trick decks to anyone besides a professional magician. You can have a lot of fun with your friends and family, without spending hours reading books and practicing in front of the mirror.

But a professional magician doesn't have that luxury of using trick cards.

The reason why? Almost every day of my life I perform a card trick for a group of strangers (I like to call them new friends)... about once a week or so , one group member will suddenly wipe the astonished look off of his face and replace it with a sly and knowing smirk and say "Wait a minute! I know how he did that! Let me see those cards"

There are few greater satisfactions in life, then to happily hand over my cards to such a person and watch him/her carefully examine the deck. When the reality that those cards are perfectly ordinary sets in, the skeptic's face soon reverts back to that of pure astonishment! These moments are the ROI for my many hours of work I put into card tricks.

But there's more!

Maybe once a month, after I've done a card trick for someone he/she will ask "can I show you a card trick?"

I love it when that happens. Sure it's usually an amateur trick that I've seen 100 times, but it's still fun for everyone.

Now imagine that the deck in my hands were gimmicked in some way. I would have to refuse the spectators wonderful request, thus leaving the encounter on an undoubtedly sour note.

As Ken Weber so elegantly phrased it... "Sometimes the hard way is the easy way."

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