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Classic Vaudeville show at the Tucson Fringe Festival

What is a fringe festival?

Simply put, it's a festival where you can see unique performances that you normally wouldn't be able to see anywhere else.

If you go to see a show at a fringe fest, you are taking your chances. You might see something wonderful, or you might see something that you hate! Fringe is a chance for an artist to display a very creative work that isn't commercial enough to put on anywhere else. Some shows put entertainment first, some some have a deeper message or meaning.

This last January I performed the Vaudeville Variety Show at the Tucson Fringe. At the Screening Room This was my first time performing at a Fringe.

In true variety fashion, my show consisted of...

-Circus acrobat and contortionist Hope Serpentine

-Burlesque champion Racheal Williams

-My mind reading lovely assistant Gypsy