Classic Vaudeville show at the Tucson Fringe Festival

What is a fringe festival?

Simply put, it's a festival where you can see unique performances that you normally wouldn't be able to see anywhere else.

If you go to see a show at a fringe fest, you are taking your chances. You might see something wonderful, or you might see something that you hate! Fringe is a chance for an artist to display a very creative work that isn't commercial enough to put on anywhere else. Some shows put entertainment first, some some have a deeper message or meaning.

This last January I performed the Vaudeville Variety Show at the Tucson Fringe. At the Screening Room This was my first time performing at a Fringe.

In true variety fashion, my show consisted of...

-Circus acrobat and contortionist Hope Serpentine

-Burlesque champion Racheal Williams

-My mind reading lovely assistant Gypsy

I performed a tribute to some of the most famous vaudevillians...


I performed magic that hopefully Harry would have approved of

-Will Rogers

Although Rogers is most famous as a humorist, he began his career in show business in Vaudevill as a cowboy rope spinner

-WC Fields

found fame as a comedian, began as a juggler in Vaudeville!

Part of the benefit of performing at the Fringe Fest was getting to see beautiful Tucson. I had no idea it would be such a nice place until I got there.

My view from my room, we're had some great times with Airbnb

goofing off while taking in the sites

acrobatics on the Hoover dam

The other benefit was getting to see the other performers, and there were some excellent shows! Some were full time professional performers who make their living performing on cruise ships, corporate events, and even on the Vegas Strip! Some were performance artists putting on original and cutting edge works of self expression.

Here are just a few that I got to see (in no particular order).

-Anthem and Aria, Anthem and Aria: the psychic soulmates is a journey into a world of mystery. Discover your psychic intuition, unearth the secrets of the future, and witness the impossible! Do not miss this incredible, interactive, theater experience!Anthem Flint and Aria Gallegos are world renowned creators of magical performances. Winners of mentalists of the year and named Grand Masters of Magic