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Dive Bars, Deserts, and Comedy

February of 2018, my friend Randy set up a small tour of comedy magic shows for me in Southern Arizona.

Normally with a tour, you want to go and hammer it out as fast as possible in order to cut on expenses. But February is a slower month for me, so I decided to make a vacation out of it!

It was a great decision, I had some wonderful experiences that I'll never forget.

I decided to try Couchsurfing. I got to stay with a delightful girl named Sammy, who has had a lot of interesting experiences despite being young.

Sammy got me into the after-party for the Gem Show. And those guys know how to party! I got to party with people from around the world. Pier, the Frenchmen was particularly charming. There were a lot of Moroccans. After I performed some magic for a group of people, a man hugged me and said something in a language that I couldn't understand. A nearby German man told me that he said that if I were ever in Morocco that I had a protector. I'm not exactly sure what that meant, but I took it as a compliment.

Sammy also took me to the classiest dive bar in Tucson. The Meet Rack is clearly a dive, that's obvious before you walk in the door. Inside, the walls are covered with old pictures. Most of which are drunk old women flashing their boobs. But if you keep looking, you'll see pictures of celebrities at the bar sitting with the owner. I saw Jackie Chan, Schwarzenegger, and Eddie Murphy. There might have been more. The bar owner is nicknamed 'God' and is fun if even a pervert! The tour he gave was a little unsettling.

Sammy and I with 'God'

I also got an insider tip, a museum that doesn't advertise. You have to know someone to know where it is.

The Dwarf car museum in Maricopa AZ.

That's a regular car, I'm just huge!

The story that I got, is that Ernie and some of his friends, just enjoy making miniature size classic cars. Eventually they opened up their garage to tourists, and they enjoy talking to strangers about how to make dwarf cars.

It's out in the middle of the dessert, there's not much else around. I absolutely had second thoughts as I was driving for hours in the middle of nowhere!

And at this point, I haven't even written about the first show yet!

You'll have to wait for the next article to see what happens!

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